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Sept 15 2007 My Niece Vivian's Wedding in Houston, TX
May 27 2007 the Boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ
May 27-28 2007 Wildwood Beach, NJ
May 26 2007 Cape May, NJ
May 26-28 2007 Doctors Inn in Cape May, NJ
April 8 2007 Ocean City, NJ
April 8 2007 Cape May County Zoo
April 21 2007 The Ground Of Sculptures, Hamilton, NJ
March 31 2007 Egg Hunt in the Residence of NJ Governor
March 3 2007 Back to Ocean Grove
November 11 2006 Downtown Princeton
Halloween Parties 2006
August 5 2006 Camden Aquarium
July 22 2006 Ocean Grove, NJ
Quebec Trip July 2006
July 15 2006 Barnegat Bay, NJ
Crabbing in NJ and Something about Crab
Isabel's Pictures Taken On May 31, 2006
Our Cape May Trip In Memorial Day Weekend 2006
Isabel In Winter 2005-2006
Isabel In Summer 2005
Isabel in Memorial Weekend 2005
Isabel in Spring 2005
My Baby Daughter Isabel in 2004
My Trip To China in Summer 2004
Meet High School Friends in Summer 2004
With My Brother's Family in Summer 2004
Friends In College Years

The following video ( click the picture to view ) was taped in June of 2005. My daughter Isabel was then one month short of 3 years old. She attended the end-of-semester party of FCD Chinese school in Edison and even did some dancing with some girls bigger than her. >>More about Isabel>>

Children's Dances in a Lunar New Year Party at Edison NJ

January 24, 2009, a group of young girls entertained their parents and friends with dance performances in the Lunar New Year party of FCD Chinese School at Edison, New Jersey.

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Girls in Yana Dance School Prepare Lunar New Year Celebration

Early January of 2009, a group of young girls in northern New Jersey were practicing a dance performance in Yana Dance School at West Orange, New Jersey for the upcoming celebration of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year).

零九年一月,美国新泽西州,一群小姑娘在于娅娜舞蹈学校排练民族舞蹈庆祝中国农历新年 。

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An Autumn Day in Ocean Grove Beach, New Jersey

November 1, 2008, We spent most of the day in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a ocean-front town with rich history and juicy traditions.

The weather that day was unseasonally warm and a lot of locals showed up in the beach. We saw at least two water-front weddings in the afternoon with big audience and filming crews. It was a perfect day! Even dogs had a lot of fun chasing birds and playing with water.

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Easter Egg Hunt at Ocean City, New Jersey

March 22, 2008, We went all the way to Ocean City, New Jersey to meet Easter bunnies and attend the annual Easter egg hunt on the beach.

The weather was very cold for late March of the year. I saw a big sign of "Think Summer" on my way to the Ocean City beach, instantly we felt much better ...

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Celebration Lunar New Year at West Orange, New Jersey

January 17, 2009, Isabelle and her friends at Yana Dance School did a dance performance in a Chinese new year celebration party organized by the Huaxia Chinese School at Livingston, New jersey.

The following picture was taken after Isabelle finished her final rehersal before the celebration formally started.